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Life at Capgemini from Fresher to Employee 2021


Capgemini Careers

Capgemini SE is a French multinational corporation that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Paris, France. Capgemini has over 270,000 employees in over 50 countries, of whom nearly 120,000 are in India.
Headquarters: Paris, France
Founder: Serge Kampf
Founded: 1 October 1967, Grenoble, France
CEO: Aiman Ezzat (20 May 2020–)
Stock price: CAP (EPA) €155.20
Revenue: 1,412 crores EUR (2019)

Capgemini is from the list of those Organisations that Recruit Freshers in a huge number in Direct or Campus hiring program for various roles.
Freshers of B.Tech in 3rd years are also eligible for recruitment but should have no backlogs before Joining the Organisation. The recruitment is still in process, Interested people can register!

Selection Process at Capgemini

->60CGPA is required
The rounds include are
@Technical Interview
@HR Interview
->Has you all Know Aptitude Grace marks would be calculated for the future rounds selection. Aptitude includes various modules covering communicational, Paragraph writing & Fundamentals.
->Technical & HR Interviews would more of your Basics & Behavioural Skills similar to any other Interviews.

All three are exit rounds that need to be taken care of.
Once after fulfilling the given criteria you will be announced as selected by proposing officially with an Offer Letter.

After Selection:-
->Selected/Cleared candidates will be receiving Offerletter thereafter proceeding with pre-joining Formalities before receiving Date-of-Joining.
->Once after receiving the Date-of-Joining, you will be initiated with post-joining formalities that are submission of documents & Verification.

The training period is also known as the Probation period and after further completion of the probation period, you will become a permanent employee of Capgemini.
There will be corporate level training for a minimum of 40days. Unlike other Organisations here you can find a small training Period.
Industry-level training is provided thereafter assessed with Mcq based assessments and only one coding assessment for 3-4 sprints.
There will be Domain allocation on which you will be trained (Allocated based on Business requirements).
*Once after successful completion of training there will be allocation of Project need to be worked on. Unsuccessful completion will be provided with another attempt to clear assessments. The one who couldn’t clear both the assessments would lead to termination.

A list would be provided based on the location.
Will have a minimum of 10 holidays.

Capgemini Salary for Freshers:-
CTC varies from college to college based on what tire it belongs to.
The common Package is 3.8L per Annum. In-Hand salary would be around 24k-26k
Likewise other Organisations Capgemini also provides additional Benefits such as Insurance & other expenses* as defined in their policy.

Capgemini is a good Organisation that can mold your career into Good shape. There are different Technologies you can work on to sharpen your Knowledge. Even after leaving Capgemini, you will be appreciated with good pay(CTC)
The best thing about working in Capgemini is you get more opportunities, and there are fewer chances of firing an employee. Other best thing is promotions and hike.
Even though in the covid crisis it is the only company which did not terminate any employee and provided the good percentage of hikes for the maximum number of employees
On the whole, Capgemini is like a family where everyone feels safe and secure to work.

Note: For the people who you think Can fit for IT World – Don’t lose your Offerletter until you have another big Opportunity.

Many of my friends work for this Organisation. They can help with the additional information. Any queries Posted below in the chatBox would be answered by the employees of Capgemini or experts. Could also comment for the latest URL’s/opertunities from Capgemini and other Organisations.

Hope You Lead a Successful career at Capgemini or any Other.

All the best and hope this article is helpful, also read about Life at cognizant.

Thank you, have a great day